Our History

Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabaah was founded by Sheikh Daoud Kairaba Bojang and Imam Tariq Ibn Ali Khan in 2009 in Jonesboro, Georgia, with the intention of addressing the needs of the Muslims in the surrounding area.

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Our Services

  • Weekly Aqidah class Every sunday 9am-11am.
  • Weekly Qur’an memorization Class every sunday 11am- 1pm.
  • Salatul jumu’ah: Every friday starting approximately at 2:00 pm- 2:30 pm.
  • We are opened for all 5 Daily Salat .
  • Islamic marriage counseling ( Strictly based upon Qur’an and Authentic Sunnah)
    including Pre marital and Post marital counseling.
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Volunteers are the life blood of our community. This masjid runs on their effort and dedication to serve the house of Allah (swt) and its guests. Join us for the sake of Allah (swt) and help support this community in any capacity where you can add value. We have programs for all ages and backgrounds and you will surely be able to support, or even start, one or more of these programs with your skills, wisdom, or just good company.

Please use the following email to signup and InshAllah we will get back to you shortly. If, for some reason, you do not hear from someone within 2-3 days, please send an mail to volunteer@masjidbilalibnrabaah.com and we will follow up on your behalf.


Make a difference. “Even a smile is charity.” —Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)
Giving charity is the proof of faith, as those who are close to Allah are always seeking His love through giving.
“As for the one who gives in charity and fears Allah, and firmly believes in the finest reward, We will facilitate for them the path to Bliss.”….(92:5-10)