Mission Statement

Our Mission at Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabaah Inc, is to educate and serve the people – Muslims and non Muslims alike, with the True Understanding Of Islam as it is understood from the Qur’an, Authenic Sunnah and the Righteous Predecessors.  We believe here at Masjid Bilal, that by calling Our fellow human beings to Tawhid (the worship of one Creator) this will restore humanity back to its natural disposition of excellence by serving the purpose in which we all were created.

Vision Statement

Our Vision at Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabaah Inc is :
1) To be a balanced community that invites All to the call of worshipping our lord Allah (SWT) Alone according to the most excellent pattern of human conduct exemplified by our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
2) To be an established place of worship  that is a welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds seeking an understanding of Islam and Muslims.
3) To be a community orientated place of worship that will establish community life by being of service to our neighbors within  surrounding local  community, to create a climate of peace, tolerance, and cooperation for the common good.

Masjid Leaders

Sheikh Kairaba Bojang (Daoud)

Sheikh Daoud Bojang, the Founder and President of Markazul Irrshaad Wa Tawjeeh “Center for Islamic Counseling and Guidance”; Founder of Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabaah Inc; Founder of Rawdatul Atfaal Academy & Sanjally Bojang Foundation all in Atlanta, GA United States of America, received Islamic and Arabic Education in Saida, Algeria in 1974. After completing primary school, he traveled to Khartoum, Sudan in early 1980 and studied for six months, traveling again to Medina, Saudi Arabia in 1980 where he remained for 9 years. He received his secondary education, middle school, and high school in Islamic Studies. He graduated from the Islamic University of Medina in 1989 majoring in Sharia and Islamic Studies. In the late 1990’s Sheikh Daoud Bojang migrated to the United States where he currently resides in Atlanta, GA. He has taught Islamic courses for Masjid Al- Farooq, Masjid Al-Ihsaan and the Gambian Community of Atlanta. He delivers Khutbas (Friday sermons), Lectures, Weekend Qur’anic Classes and Seminars at various Masaajid and the Islamic Community Centers in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia and beyond. He was also listed as the Imam on call with Emory University Hospital & the Children Health Care System of Atlanta for 10 years, to offer prayers to Muslim cancer patients and children. Sheikh Daoud Bojang has also given lectures worldwide online for the Internet Islamic University in New York, teaching a course entitled, “Family Life in Islam, Aqidah, Day to Day Fiqh and the Sirah of the Prophet PBUH”. Sheikh Daoud Bojang is father to six children – three boys and three girls.

Imam Tariq Ibn Ali Khan

Imam Tariq Ali Khan is a trained Chaplain, worked for the GA Department of Corrections for seventeen years, and collectively has 38 years of experience working with some of the most difficult personalities in the Penal Institutions. He is the co-founder and vice president of Marrkazul Irrshaad Wa Tajweed and Masjid Bilal ibn Rabaah. Imam Khan was presented with Al-Ijaza (a certificate of confirmation and endorsement) by Sheikh Daoud Bojang to confirm and authenticate his knowledge. His expertise includes conflict identification and resolution, human conduct, anger management, as well as segmented character development..

Sheikh Mateen Franklin-Sabree

A Student of Knowledge, Teacher and Leader at Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabaah Inc. He studied in Saudi Arabia and earned a degree in Islamic Jurisprudence from the Islamic University of Al Madina, Saudi Arabia in 1987. He completed tahfeez of Qur’an with Sheikh, Hafiz Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Khan in 1992. As an attendee of the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam in 1975, Sheikh Mateen was encouraged through Imam W. Deen Mohammed’s leadership, during the transition of the NOI to universal teachings of Al-Islam, to pursue Arabic language and Islamic studies abroad. Thus, he studied for two years in the Institute for non-Arabic Speakers at the Islamic University of Madina, and subsequently continued his studies there at the college of Law/Sharia.
He credits his success to Allah, Most High and humbly acknowledges that without Allah’s help, it would have been impossible for him to complete the very demanding Madina program. Sheikh Mateen served as a chaplain for the Federal Bureau of Prisons for 20 years before retiring. He is still active as a Marriage and family Counselor and teacher of Arabic. Recently he was honored by the Bell Brazeal International Chapter of Morehouse Graduates, receiving “The official Inaugural Citation in Religious Education” and was inducted in that Chapter’s Hall of Fame for Outstanding Morehouse College Alumni.

Imam Khalid Abdul Aziz

Imam Khalid Abdul Aziz is the Current Director of Masjid Bilal ibn Rabaah inc and served as assistant Imam of the Muslim Community center of Augusta from 2005-2008, and residental Imam from 2008- 2011. Imam Khalid is a former voluntary chaplain for the Georgia department of corrections from 2012-2016, and is a behavioral health counselor that specializes in mental health, substance abuse, and anger management. Imam Khalid is presently pursuing his bachelots degree of Islamic studies at Mishkah university (Islamic university of north america) studying under shuyukhs including. Shaykh Dr.Muhammad Salah, Shaykh Hatem Al- Haj, and Shaykh Salah Al- Sawy.

Honorary Staff

Sister Naijah Abu-Bakr is currently the Secretary of Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabaah’s Al Shura (Board of Directors). Her relationship with the Center for Islamic Counseling and Guidance (CICG) began in 2004 as Administrative Secretary and enjoyed being involved with the Strengthening The Muslim Family Conferences throughout the years. Sister Naijah worked with the CICG staff to establish Masjid Bilal in 2009 and continued in the capacity of Office Administration. She was heavily involved with: the Masjid Summer Camps; helping establish the Islamic School – Rawdatul Atfaal Academy in 2010, and at times served as school Director. She regularly attended Sheikh Daoud’s and CICG classes, and organized and facilitated the “Ideal Muslimah” classes. Prior to relocating in 2018, Sister Naijah enbraced the role of contact person for sisters in: welcoming sisters to the Masjid community, monitoring Jumah services, helping with Eid activities, organizing various workshops, and other functions involving sisters at the Masjid. Through her entrepreneurial pursuits, Sister Naijah has developed a strong network with Muslims throughout the Atlanta Metro area.

Sister Rasheedah Iddeen has been a practicing Muslimah since 1977. She has been a committed attendee of Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabaah Inc for 10 years, and has actively attended the Islamic classes taught by Sheikh Daoud Bojang for over 25 years. Sister Rasheedah has been dedicated in welcoming new sisters and visitors to the community, and also staying connected and being of service to the sick and needy of multiple masajid in the Atlanta Metropolitan area as well. She is the Editor for Masjid Bilal’s monthly newsletter “Al Irshaad” and has been very instrumental with helping to grow and develop the community.